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Photo of Debbie with her parents 


Here I am with my parents, Doyce and Jeanette Michelson, at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, where I was born.






The Puppy Twins Miss Sniff the Fuzzy Cat
My parents read many books to me. The Puppy Twins was a wonderful rhyming book that I asked them to read over and over (and over!). Miss Sniff was one of my favorite books, too. You could even pet her fuzzy coat on some of the pages!




Photo of girls on first day of first grade




These two lovely girls are ready for the first day of first grade! That’s me on the right.





Photo by: The Forest City Summit


sixth grade photo of Debbie Moeller


I became interested in writing in sixth grade. I had a great teacher who taught me to write correctly, and always expected my best. She told me I was a talented writer and to keep writing! Thank you, Mrs. V. S.






Debbie's senior picture



This is my senior picture. In high school I took every literature class I could. I loved reading!






Photo of Debbie Moeller working on a college assignment


This photo was taken by my Grandma when she came for a visit. I was working hard on one of my college assignments. Don’t I look like a diligent student? Also note, that’s a TYPEWRITER I’m using.



Debbie with her boyfriend Bill



Here I am with my boyfriend, Bill, circa 1979. He got rid of the beard, so I married him in 1981.




Photo of Debbie and Bill's three children



Bill and I have three children. These little cuties are Matt, Joe and Desiree.






Photo of Debbie's children


And here they are all grown up!





Photo of family in Hawaii


This is our family on vacation in Hawaii in 2013. Since this photo was taken, our family has grown! We are blessed with our children, their spouses and eight wonderful grandchildren-four girls and four boys!